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Minecraft Dungeons Android & iOS

On this website you can download Minecraft Dungeons Mobile for Android & iOS. Minecraft Dungeons is the successor of the original Minecraft game , and it's now available on your mobile phone or tablet.

Minecraft Dungeons Android

Minecraft is a name that an enormous amount of people know about in the world of games. Minecraft Dungeons was created and developed by the gaming company MOJANG. When the first Minecraft game was released, gaming fans were perplexed with a new gaming perspective. Minecraft Dungeons is their latest innovation to the popular game Minecraft that was launched in May of 2009. Your objective in Minecraft Dungeons Mobile is to protect some villagers from a evil Arch-Illager, who is the main antagonist in the game, along with his armies.. The game takes fun and relatable parts from the dungeon crawler genre, such as looting weapons, hunting for treasure chests, and cooperating to beat a boss -- and simplifies it.

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Why you should play
Minecraft Dungeons for Android & iOS?

Minecraft Dungeons Android (iOS Compatible) is honestly hands down the best mobile release of the year, and especially for the die hard Minecraft fans that have increasingly wanted to play the game on the go. Minecraft Dungeons mobile is more than just an adventure, it's gives the player Dungeon Creeper features. You are allowed to Battle new-and-nasty mobs, which was inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. In this installment of Minecraft, you can unite or brave the dungeons alone, and if you're really up to it, you can team up with friends online! Not only will you fight your way through survival but you can hang back with ranged attacks, use melee swings, or even tank your way through by shielded heavy armor! Minecraft Dungeons Android is insane and fun to get the breakthrough.

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Over 9 000 000 Downloads

Minecraft Dungeons iOS And Android Game is one of the most downloaded applications!


Customers from over 160 coutries

Even though the game just released, everyone plays Minecraft Dungeons Mobile for iOS & Android!

Who will enjoy playing Minecraft Dungeons Android the most?

Players who are experienced and familiar with the older Minecraft game are in for a very big surprise. The objective of the original game was set on two modes which were Survival and Creative. This version of Minecraft explores a whole new path which will have any gamer excited and wanting more. This time the game is focused and based on numerous numbers of missions that will act as a backbone for the storyline. Be prepared, as the missions must be completed in sequence to further advance in the game. Although it may sound easy and simple, it is a lot more challenging than it seems. Players in Minecraft Dungeons have to face various dynamic encounters between the enemies. You will have to Flee or fight your way through swamps, canyons, and – of course – mines! Any challenger that is foolish or brave enough to explore this beautiful and blocky environment will need to be prepared. So quickly, gear up!

Minecraft Dungeons apk

Minecraft Dungeons Mobile Impressions
Full Game Info

Minecraft Dungeons for Mobile is absolutely on the positive side when it comes to insane gameplay, with pleasing quality graphics and a delighting single player experience. But lets not forget the glass half empty and talk about some of the cons of Minecraft Dungeons Android download. Just like any other game, there are a few flaws that you will feel while completing some of the games mission objectives. The first thing that goes against the gameplay is that many missions take a while to comeplete. You have to do a lot of fighting or fleeing which can be very time consuming. It sometimes seems like you can lose life and fail very easily against the armies which could in turn frustrate you to the point you want to stop playing. There's also online multiplayer game mode named Minecraft Dungeon Online. One of the major flaws in the online aspect is that there are no shortcuts and your crew can lose very fast. Let's play and enjoy Minecraft Dungeons Download!

Minecraft dungeons for android

How to Download Minecraft Dungeons Mobile and Install APK
on your mobile phone?


DOWNLOAD Minecraft Dungeons APK

Download Minecraft Dungeons Mobile APK file by clicking one of the download buttons below. Lets say you are downloading the file from PC then, be sure to connect your device to the computer.
File size of the UPDATE is 906MB.


INSTALL Minecraft Dungeons APK

Copy MCDungeons.apk file to tablet/phone.
Now Open file, and you will get a pop up box saying "For security your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources".
Click on settings ->Allow installation for Minecraft Dungeons Mobile.



After Installing, you'll see Minecraft Dungeons Mobile icon on your phone. Open it up, and install the update which will download obb and data files and the game will start after downloading.

What is with all the fuss with Minecraft Dungeons for mobile that you can download?

Minecraft Dungeons Android and iOS edition is not just a game to pass the time, it’s an amazing and challenging part of gaming history that has finally been delivered to mobile devices. A Game that is set in the same world as it's sandbox predecessor, but this time there is no building or crafting. The genre is in the same category as a dungeon crawler which will challenge you to furiously hack-and-slash through fierce enemies that include multiple fun items and enchantments. The game also offers four-player local or online co-op play, so you and your friends can get in on blocky brawls too. Without a doubt, Minecraft Dungeons Android rightfully strays away from the path begun by its predecessors, however with awesome changes. Minecraft Dungeons iOS and Android download is characterized by a plethora of violence and a dose of solid gameplay.

So what’s new in the Minecraft Dungeons APK?

So what does Minecraft Dungeons android offer thats better from its previous game? MOJANG exceeded gamers’ expectations and developed a huge blocky world with hundreds of enemies ready to be taken out. The key villain in the game is the evil Arch-Illager who discovers a compelling artifact called "The Orb of Dominance" and strives to seek revenge on anyone who has shunned him. The Arch-Illager has assembled a brigade of familiar Minecraft enemies to take over, control the world and your party must be the ones to stop him. At times you will be tasked with liberating captured villagers as a challenge within a level, but honestly, the story is mostly a reason for mindless brawling. The universe of Minecraft Dungeons is given a impressive glow up from its sandbox counterpart. There are a multitude of different biomes for players to choose from, including Canyon areas, swamp, temples, mine, and woodlands, each with loot drops and opponent types. One of the cooler ones is Fiery Forge, where red lava cascades onto lower layers of the level.

Minecraft Dungeons Android and its unique gameplay.

The most distinctive features of Minecraft Dungeons APK have such an appealing look during bombastic combat. Players must dodge incoming arrows fired from skeletons, exploding creepers, and roll away from potions lobbed by angry wizards that try to unleash a haze of purple deadly smoke. Throw powerful artefacts, along with enchanted weapons into the mix and the battles become a frantic mess of colour and explosions. Organizing along with theory crafting are good, but when charging in headfirst and becoming mindless while hacking and slashing through a cavern filled with monsters has its own charm. Every level is conceptually generated but always has a mixture of hack and slash mobs, small time bosses, and a final boss at the end. You will be given map markers that are placed at the edge of the screen to show where the goal is, and a bottomless healing potion with a 30 second cooldown, and three lives. With this great toolset, Mojang definitely focused on fun and challenge. This way the gameplay of download Minecraft Dungeons is way more engaging. During the game, You will be able to adjust the difficulty to how you see fit with a threat slider on the mission menu which will make the mobs beefier and more challenging to defeat.

Adjusting your preferred gameplay accordingly could not be any easier. Although, it seems to be a pretty sweet addition, it’s actually hard to tell if it does players any good. The Minecraft franchise used to be more focused on having innocent fun while being more kid friendly which many gamers liked.

Changes in Minecraft Dungeons Android APK that you can download.

If you download Minecraft Dungeons mobile, you’ll be surpised to discover that Unlike skills and classes you would find in the Diablo series and other RPGs, the Minecraft Dungeons android and iOS character's abilities come from gear you decide to choose. Each player has room for one melee weapon, a ranged weapon, a piece of armour, and to top it off every item can get an upgrade that comes with enchantment points. Even though you may find the same item more than once, every one has its own unique feature because of the enchantment options. Searching and finding loot with various enchantments and points to spend in order to activate those abilities is a very huge part of the game.

Now for enchantment points, they are only earned when you start to level up, but you can also salvage old weapons to get points back and use them towards a new weapon. This is such a helpful recycling system that gives players the freedom to try out new gadgets, weapons and abilities without the sense that progress was wasted. Along with weapons are the games new feature whcih are artifacts that give ability bonuses like fire arrows and passive healing. The truely fun part of this is finding enchantments and artifacts with overlapping abilities to develop unreasonable synergies. You can use a collection of items that will collectively harvest all ghostly souls of fallen enemies to use as a resource to boost up the artifacts.

Another Awesome Feature Of Minecraft Dungeons For Android

Another convenient feature in the game is the ability to switch out and salvage items fast, shifting your character to effectively deal with any threat you're up against. So with the precise selection of artifacts, enchantments, and weapons, you could potentially build a pretty powerful character.

Multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons Android Gameplay

In the PC, console and Minecraft Dungeons iPhone and Android version, creators added a great multiplayer mode which allows co-op play called Dungeons Online. The chaos is really an epic experience with a group of your friends - just think, four blocky killing machines are always going to be better than one. Gamers can quickly drop in and out of play sessions, and Mojang made it so that any loot you discover in multiplayer is yours to keep forever, meaning everyone that plays online gets their own fair share of goods. The easy accessibility of playing with friends and its breezy nature makes Minecraft Dungeons Android and iOS a perfect co-op pursuit. Its shenanigans feels more in keeping with the Lego games than ARPGs like Diablo.

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